Policy Proposals for Freelance Workers

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Proposed by Ursula Huws et al, in the report, "Labour in the digital economy":

"Key policy recommendations:

•Ensure self employed and freelance workers have greater access to the basic rights enjoyed by those in employment

•Relax regulations that restrict the ability of independent workers to form legally recognised bodies for collective bargaining

•Explore how to adapt welfare and benefits systems to make sure they are fit for purpose in the unpredictable ‘gig economy’

•Clearly define the legal status of companies that crowdsource labour to allow for effective regulation

•Recognise the implications of these new forms of employment for occupational safety and health – both the physical and psychosocial risks.

•Assess risk to government finances from online employers not paying income tax or social security contributions in countries in which they operate

•Investigate innovative new ways to exploit the use of local level, not-for-profit online platforms for the benefit of both local workers and local economies

More Information

To discuss this research area – and related policy questions – further, please contact Ursula Huws at [email protected]