New Money for Healthy Communities

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New Money for Healthy Communities. by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. 1994



"This book:

  • Is the how-to-do-it manual for local trading systems.
  • Describes exchange alternatives which reward people fairly and reflect the reality of an abundant earth.
  • Shows how voluntary groups can revitalize local economies.
  • Outlines the true nature of money and new approaches to transforming money.

New Money for Healthy Communities takes the reader well beyond the rutted road of orthodox thinking, describing in detail the essential features of equitable and dynamic exchange systems, and shows how they can be set up by voluntary local associations. It describes both past and present examples of local currencies and exchange systems, including their strengths, limitations, and errors. It then proposes innovative ways of transforming exchange, using mechanisms which are democratic, humane, ecologically sound, sustainable, and implementable at the grass-roots level.

New Money for Healthy Communities is based on thorough research conducted by the author, a former professor of business, over the past dozen years. It is well-illustrated, footnoted, and indexed, and provides extensive lists of contacts, resources, and references."