Kate Raworth on Doughnut Economics

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= Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR1Wy7ZAgY0


"Kate Raworth is the author of the acclaimed book ‘Doughnut Economics’, and joined us in the studio for an exploration of a new 21st century economic model and why she believes so many economists have got it wrong for so long.

The implications of her Doughnut Economics are profound and and can be read and embraced as a roadmap for change not just by experts or economists, but by everyone! This is a chance to challenge her with your questions and critiques.

What is the goal of economics? Does GDP really tell us all we need to know about a country's wealth and well-being? Our guest in this show argues that our economic system should be designed to meet everyone’s needs, while living within the means of the planet."

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