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Shaun Conway:

""The future of humanity is being decided by the actions we are taking today and by our impacts on the ecological state of the planet.

The Interchain Foundation believes that open-source, cryptographic, consensus-driven economic networks hold the key to an anti-fragile global economic system and to creating equal opportunities for all.

Cosmos is arguably the best-positioned blockchain ecosystem to build the trusted technologies, sovereign networks and financial innovations which are needed to create a prosperous and sustainable future for humanity. We must now consciously and intentionally use the Internet of Blockchains to achieve this ultimate purpose.

The ixo Internet of Impact and Regen Network have been pioneering this path for Cosmos to become an ecosystem which is consciously purposed towards sustainability and ecological regeneraton. Now it is time for all Cosmos stakeholders to join forces in leading and growing the gravitas of this mission, by creating meaningful exchanges with other ecosystems, and by building bridges between networks of people, as well as blockchains.

To achieve this bold Interchain Sustainability mission, the Interchain Foundation has signed an MoU with ixo — The Internet of Impact to implement a multi-year program of R&D, advocacy and strategic collaborations, together with partners Informal Systems, Regen Network, BlockScience , Grassroots Economics, and The Commons Stack. We are now extending an open invitation to all Cosmos stakeholders and leaders from across the interchain universe, to align with this mission and join as collaborators in this program."