Intentioneer's Bible

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* Book: The Intentioneer's Bible. By Allen Butcher. 2016



Allen Butcher:

"The Intentioneer's Bible is a history of Western civilization emphasizing the two parallel cultures, first that of gifting and sharing, and second that of taking and exchanging. These two are generally known as the counterculture or Fourth World, and the dominant culture or First World, respectively. Of these two parallel cultures, The Intentioneer's Bible emphasizes the counterculture of gifting and sharing as an alternative to the more better known narrative of the development of civilization according to the stories usually told of competition, war, patriarchy, and money.

The stories included in The Intentioneer's Bible focus upon the efforts made to maintain or to return to non-monetary-based culture, pushing the monetary system out of people's lives in favor of gifting and sharing. This is a surprisingly rich and varied history often touched upon in usual histories of civilization yet rarely very clearly or to any depth. The counterculture trys to make its views, philosophies, and experiences known to people in the dominant culture, yet this is often lost in the drama of wealth, fame, power, belligerence, and chauvinism.

Finding and telling the stories of the just and joyous throughout history is no short story! This author began the project about 1980, found that it was a very big project, and took about 35 years to get it done. Now it is offered to readers as a book of over eleven-hundred pages, with over half-a-million words, referencing over five-hundred separate sources, presenting the people, their ideas, and how they have lived them to create versions of paradise within a beautiful yet often difficult world."