Handbook of Peer Production

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* Book: The Handbook of Peer Production. Edited by Mathieu O’Neil, Christian Pentzold, and Sophie Toupin. Wiley, PLANNED FOR PUBLICATION

Wiley Handbooks in Communication and Media Series ;


Preface ixNotes on

Part I Introduction

  • The Duality of Peer Production: Infrastructure for the Digital Commons, Free Labor for Free‐Riding Firms Mathieu O’Neil, Sophie Toupin, and Christian Pentzold

Part II Concepts: Explaining Peer Production

  • Grammar of Peer Production Vasilis Kostakis and Michel Bauwens
  • Political Economy of Peer Production Benjamin J. Birkinbine
  • Social Norms and Rules in Peer Production Christian Pentzold
  • Cultures of Peer Production Michael Stevenson
  • Commons‐Based Peer Production and Virtue (reprint) Yochai Benkler and Helen Nissenbaum

Part III Conditions: Enabling Peer Production

  • Prophets and Advocates of Peer Production George Dafermos
  • Virtue, Efficiency, and the Sharing Economy Margie Borschke
  • Open Licensing Peer Production Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay
  • User Motivations in Peer Production Sebastian Spaeth and Sven Niederhöfer
  • Governing for Growth in Scope: Cultivating a Comparative Understanding of How Peer Production Collectives Evolve Rebecca Karp, Amisha Miller, and Siobhán O’Mahony

Part IV Cases: Realizing Peer Production

  • Free and Open Source Software 155Stéphane Couture
  • Wikipedia and Wikis Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin
  • Participatory Cartography: Drones, Countermapping, and Technological Power Adam Fish
  • P2P Learning Panayotis Antoniadis and Alekos Pantazis
  • Biohacking Morgan Meyer
  • Makers Yana Boeva and Peter Troxler
  • Blockchain, or, Peer Production Without Guarantees Pablo Velasco González and Nathaniel Tkacz
  • Community Wireless Networks Gwen Shaffer
  • Commoning the Urban Nicholas Anastasopoulos

Part V Conflicts: Peer Production and the World

  • Peer Production and Social Change Mathieu O’Neil and Sébastien Broca
  • Peer Production and Collective Action Stefania Milan
  • Feminist Peer Production 311Sophie Toupin
  • Postcolonial Peer Production Maitrayee Deka
  • Gaps in Peer Design Francesca Musiani
  • Makerspaces and Peer Production: Spaces of Possibility, Tension, Post‐Automation, or Liberation? Kat Braybrooke and Adrian Smith
  • Peer Production and State Theory: Envisioning a Cooperative Partner State Alex Pazaitis and Wolfgang Drechsler

Part VI Conversions: Advancing Peer Production

  • Making a Case for Peer Production: Interviews with Peter Bloom, Mariam Mecky, Ory Okolloh, Abraham Taherivand, and Stefano Zacchiroli
  • What’s Next? Peer Production Studies? Mathieu O’Neil, Sophie Toupin, and Christian Pentzold
  • Be Your Own Peer! Principles and Policies for the Commons Mathieu O’Neil, Sophie Toupin, and Christian Pentzold