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= no human attribute is intrinsically superior or more evolved than any other


Jorge Ferrer:

"Intrapersonal cocreation consists of the collaborative participation of all human attributes—body, vital energy, heart, mind, and consciousness—in the enactment of spiritual phenomena. This dimension is grounded in the principle of equiprimacy, according to which no human attribute is intrinsically superioror more evolved than any other. As Romero and Albareda (2001) point out,the cogni-centric (i.e., mind-centered) character of Western culture hinders the maturation of non-mental attributes, making it normally necessary to engage in intentional practices to bring these attributes up to the same developmental level the mind achieves through mainstream education. In principle, however, all human attributes can participate as equal partners in the creative unfolding of the spiritual path, are equally capable of sharing freely in the life of spirit here on earth, and can also be equally alienated from spirit." (https://www.academia.edu/3803021/Introduction_to_Participatory_Spirituality)