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Jorge Ferrer:

"Transpersonal cocreation refers to dynamic interaction between embodied human beings and the mystery in the bringing forth of spiritual insights, practices, states, and worlds (Ferrer, 2002, 2008b). This dimension is groundedin the principle of equiplurality, according to which there can potentially be multiple spiritual enactions that are nonetheless equally holistic and emancipatory.

This principle frees participatory spirituality from dogmatic commitment to any single spiritual system and paves the way for a genuine, metaphysically and pragmatically-grounded, spiritual pluralism. Transpersonal cocreation affirms the importance of being open to spirit beyond (i.e., the transcendent dimension of the mystery) and makes participatory spirituality fundamentally inquiry-driven." (https://www.academia.edu/3803021/Introduction_to_Participatory_Spirituality)