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K. Birchard et al. :

"Eco-Cacao is a cacao-producing farmer-cooperative in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador. These farmers steward agroforestry farms that border the last remaining fragment of the Chocoan Rainforest of Ecuador. The Chocoan Rainforest is of high ecological importance for a number of reasons, including its role as a part of the hydrological pump that keeps the continent of South America and the rest of the planet hydrated, and its phenomenal biodiversity.

Regen Network is working with a group of cacao buyers and Eco-Cacao to verify regenerative land stewardship as a part of a price premium paid to farmers who are successfully managing farms that mimic the native forest, generate high carbon sequestration yields, and increase biodiversity on the farm.

In this case, the land health is being recorded on Regen Ledger to create an open, transparent and public view of the ecological state of the larger region and the relationship between that state and the management outcomes of land stewards. The payment for ecological stewardship and land health of the plot being stewarded are also recorded on the ledger. Eventually, direct payment will be possible to land stewards. Layers beyond product premium such as carbon payments and biodiversity payments will be added to the agreement matrix." (