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"Distributed data storage is data stored among multiple devices rather than a single device. Distributed peer-to-peer (p2p) data storage is a type of distributed storage where data is shared among the nodes on a p2p network." (https://medium.com/digital-cooperative-research/youre-data-you-re-control-you-re-profit-5a181948011)


AXEL Network

"A local company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that is implementing the IPFS as a distributed data storage solution is AXEL Network (“AXEL”).

AXEL’s IPFS implementation, IPFS Pinning Facility, primarily works as a content distribution network and consumer file storage solution.

AXEL’s IPFS Pinning Facility is an IPFS tool that has a built-in file management system that makes it extremely easy to upload and manage files on the IPFS for the end user.³⁸ The main reasoning for AXEL’s development of the IPFS Pinning Facility is that since IPFS does not automatically store data unless pinned, the IPFS Pinning Facility “tells a server on IPFS to retain [your] data because it’s important.”

AXEL’s IPFS Pinning Facility provides three primary benefits:

  • “Saving on Bandwidth and Storage
  • Overcoming Latency
  • Storing Files.”

AXEL’s IPFS Pinning Facility is also integrated with their blockchain network.³⁹ AXEL Network operates a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain which is secured through Masternodes."




"SoLiD is an open source project, developed by Sir Tim Berners Lee at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that extends the current functionality of the web (W3C standards and protocols) by applying “Linked Data principles.”

SoLiD seeks to simplify data ownership concerns for consumers and businesses by

1) giving users the freedom to take their data anywhere and avoid vendor lock-in, and

2) for developers, the ability to reuse data in existing apps for new apps so consumer data does not need to be shared with a new service. In SoLiD, PDSs are called pods, and pods are stored on SoLiD servers.

SoLiD utilizes Linked Data, a way of connecting resources throughout the web by having a uniform resource location (URL) for each piece of data, and explicitly stating how each piece of data is related to each other." (https://medium.com/digital-cooperative-research/youre-data-you-re-control-you-re-profit-5a181948011)