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"A Personal Data Store (PDS) may be defined as software that “offer[s] to store the user’s personal data and allow the user to give controlled access to other organisations.”³⁵ In other words, PDS allow users to “[in]put [] data about [themselves] and evidence of [their] identity (using passports and bank statements) which [] others [can] access or indirectly use in order to provide you services.” (



Common attributes of PDSs identified by Irina Bolychevsky & Simon Worthington in Are Personal Data Stores about to become the NEXT BIG THING?, are that they “ensure your personal data:

  • “would not be lost when the company pivots, is bought up, goes bankrupt or decides to delete or suspend your account since you maintain it”;
  • “would not be as vulnerable to misuse, exploitation or data breaches since you hold the data and can revoke access”; and
  • “can be kept accurate and up to date more easily from on[]e central location.”