Digital Altruism

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Dana Klisanin:

"Everyday digital altruism is the most common form of digital altruism. It is expedient and requires little more than the willingness to help another, e.g., clicking-to-donate or adding content to informational websites. Creative digital altruism involves the creation and maintenance of websites and social platforms that support digital altruism. It requires creativity, cooperation, and heightened moral engagement (e.g., creating and maintaining Co-creative digital altruism involves the creation of digital initiatives that support digital altruism that 1) are initiated at the systems level, i.e., corporate level, or similar 2) involve transdisciplinary creativity; 3) entail sustained moral engagement, 4) require cooperation that is transnational, transcorporate, transNGO, and transpersonal__meta-cooperation (e.g., creating and maintaining the World Community Grid) (Klisanin, 2009)."


More Information

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