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"Dana Klisanin earned her PhD from Saybrook University. As Founder and Executive Director of Evolutionary Guidance Media Research & Design, Inc., Klisanin conducts research in the area of positive media and strategizes with corporations and non-governmental organizations interested in creating conscious media products and promoting social responsibility through media campaigns. Dana is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Her articles have appeared in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Futures, Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Systemist, and online via the International Society for the Systems Sciences. She is keenly interested in the future of media, particularly its potential to promote moral values and its use as a tool for social transformation and planetary stewardship. Dana serves as Director of MindLab at the Center for Conscious Creativity, a global non-profit research and education organization focused on the study of future trends in arts, media and entertainment, and as an Advisor to the AwareGuide, an on-line guide to transformational media. Together with a growing network of "evolutionaries" and integral visionaries, she is helping to define a culture of thought that uses media as an instrument of spiritual awakening and world transformation. Dana is currently writing a book on digital altruism and the cyberhero archetype;


see also:

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More Information

  1. she can be reached through her website, www.danaklisanin.com
  2. Causes (2011b). URL, http://www.causes.com/causes/607910-help-psychologist-dana-klisanin-identify-characteristics-of-the-cyberhero-archetype