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* Book: DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain (ed., 1998)



"… an excellent collection and should be read by anyone with even a passing interest in the nature of our current society, it is virtually compulsory for anyone with an interest in protest. McKay has collected accounts from nearly all of the most significant components of DiY culture, which means that there are fascinating pieces on DiY media and rave culture as well as explorations of eco-activism.… The activist engagement of the writers ensures both relevance and authority in writing. The only significant downside of this approach is that broader issues of theoretical or conceptual complexity are often left behind or are at best implied.… The accompanying introduction by McKay has, as a result, a very difficult task as it must draw out some greater complexity while also maintaining the accessibility of the chapters that are to follow. He achieves this remarkably well through an easy and accessible writing style and by avoiding purely theoretical discussions in favour of generating complexity out of the material that is to follow his introduction. McKay’s introduction is a triumph of accessible, complex scholarship." (

Source: Tim Jordan, review in Time and Society vol. 10:1 (2001), 135-139.