Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom

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Book: The Wild, Wild Wiki / Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom. Ed. by Robert E. Cummings and Matt Barton. University of Michigan Press, 2008.


From the publisher:

"When most people think of wikis, the first---and often the only---thing that comes to mind is Wikipedia. Robert E. Cummings and Matt Barton, the editors of Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom, have assembled a collection of essays which challenges this common misconception, providing an engaging and helpful array of perspectives on the many pressing theoretical and practical issues that wikis raise. Written in an accessible manner that will appeal to specialists and novices alike, Wiki Writing draws on a wealth of practical experiences to offer a series of detailed suggestions about how educators can realize the potential of these new writing environments." (

Author Bios

Robert E. Cummings is Assistant Professor of English and Director of First-year Composition at Columbus State University. He also serves as the Writing Specialist for CSU's Quality Enhancement Plan, assisting teachers across campus in their efforts to maximize student writing in their curriculum.

Matt Barton is Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State University, Department of English. He is an Assistant Editor of Kairos [1] and an Associate Editor of Kairosnews [2]."