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Degrowth-related items


Key Articles

  • The Matrix of Convivial Technology – Assessing technologies for degrowth. By Andrea Vetter. Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 197, Part 2, 1 October 2018, Pages 1778-1786 [1]

Key Books

  • The Case for Degrowth. George Kallis et al. Polity Press, 2020 [2] : "a vision of wellbeing within planetary limits, and articulate the politics that can get us there, based on the defense and development of the commons".
  • LESS IS MORE. How Degrowth Will Save the World. By Jason Hickel. LONDON: PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE, 2020 [3]


"Returning to climate change, it is in fact absolutely imperative that some categories of economic activity should now grow massively—those associated with the production and distribution of clean energy. Concurrently, the global fossil-fuel industry needs to contract massively—that is, to ‘de-grow’ relentlessly over the next forty or fifty years until it has virtually shut down. In my view, addressing these matters in terms of their specifics is more constructive in addressing climate change than presenting broad generalities about the nature of economic growth, positive or negative."

- Robert Pollin [4]