Carne Ross on the Leaderless Revolution

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"The Leaderless Revolution explains why our government institutions are inadequate to the task of solving major problems and offers a set of steps we can take to create lasting and workable solutions ourselves. In taking these steps, we can not only reclaim the control we have lost, but also a sense of meaning and community so elusive in the current circumstance. In a day and age when things feel bleak and beyond our control, this powerful and personal book will revive one's sense of hope that a better, more just and equitable order lies within our reach-if only we are willing to grasp it."

'Carne Ross was a British diplomat for 15 years before leaving the foreign service to found Independent Diplomat, a nonprofit consulting firm that offers diplomatic advice to poor, politically marginalized governments and political groups, including Kosovo, Somaliland, and other NGOs and institutions. He’s written two books: Independent Diplomat: Dispatches From an Unaccountable Elite and Leaderless Revolution." (

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  • Book: The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People Will Take Power and Change Politics in the 21st Century. Carne Ross. Blue Rider Press. 2012. [1]