Recommended Guidelines and Good Practices

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Forum Guidelines

  • All submissions, opinions, queries are welcome in the context of a joint effort to understand peer to peer dynamics and to work in favour of a society, civilization and economy which moves in a direction of the creation of more commons and more peer to peer dynamics based on the free association of individuals to create social goods that are fairly and sustainability available to all human beings.
  • We are a pluralistic organisation and encourage critical debate and discussion however any views and opinions presented on our forums are solely those of participants or members and do not necessarily represent those of the P2P Foundation.
  • As with any community we expect all participants including Community, Members and Core Members to be civil and to support a culture of mutual respect.
  • The P2P Foundation reserve the right to update these terms at any time as it may be required by authorisation of core membership, with or without prior notice. It is the responsibility of participants to read and keep up to date with any changes to these terms.

Statement of Unacceptable Behavior

  • Hate speech or discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof) are not tolerated on our forums.
  • We strongly discourage personal attacks and encourage critical and constructive dialogue about facts and ideas
  • The systematic use of slander and defamation has no place in our forums.
  • We do not appreciate trolling or flame wars on our forums.

How and whom to make an incident report to

We are proud to say that the culture on our forums is welcoming and good spirited. In the rare case of violation of the above terms, participants and members should privately alert a forum administrator or core member as they are responsible for dealing with any issues that arise.

If you have any problems you can email [email protected]

How our policy is enforced

Administrators and Core Members will aim to deal with conflict in a discrete and private manner for all parties involved. Persons who have broken the terms will be made aware of their behavior and given fair warning of 24 hours to reflect on their actions and to make an effort to resolve the conflict for example by retracting statements.

As a last resort it is at the discretion of administrators to ban participants from our forums.

The primary purpose of these terms is to make people feel welcome and comfortable when using our forums in the knowledge that in the rare case where grievances arise the P2P Foundation is committed to providing appropriate means to address them.

Tips for Healthy Debate

Understanding Arguments and Fallacies

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies


An argument as a matter of dialogue or discourse is a different matter than the general understanding of argument in society. The argument as defined in philosophy is a statement of premises such as beliefs and true statements, followed by a conclusion. The intention is to achieve a reasonable understanding where the statements are true, and thus the conclusion is true, as follows. (see informal and formal fallacies) Premises are previously true conclusions, and therefore, once an accepted conclusion is drawn from an argument, then that conclusion might become a premise for a new round of argument.

Arguments and Inferences (Stanford Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia)


We also recommend that contributors be aware of the major fallacies, such as to minimize poor arguments, and also to preserve the integrity of conversation and basic respect within a group of contributors. An informal fallacy is a case of an error in premises leading to a faulty conclusion.. A formal fallacy is one where the structure of the argument is correct, as given above in the entry above, but the overall validity of the argument.

Fallacies (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


It may be useful to read the Wikipedia page on Nettiquette.