Greexit Project Overview as of 22.12.2012

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Ok, so the whole project can be broken down into certain steps to be taken (sometimes in parallel).

  • We need a team.

My guess is that we need up to 15 people, divided into 3 teams 4 ppl each, plus "Mission Control" of 3. This is the maximal number, needed while the operation is executed. To begin with, we need like 3-5 people involved from the beginning, up to 4 team leaders (possible doubling as AV people) online and the rest committed to join as needed.

  • We need a financial plan.

Original idea is that we need a sponsor/investor, to cover major part of costs involved. There is uncertain amount of money that we can gather through Indiegogo or another crowdfunding service, plus a local support we may expect from hosting communities (food, lodging, fuel etc.).

On the other hand, we may expect that the level-1 outcome (a documentary for mainstream media) can probably bring enough money to make the whole project financially abundant. :-)

  • We need a marketing/fixing phase.

Someone will take care of finding a proper TV channel and securre a deal with them. We need a pro! And it implies also a group work over the planned documentary. This is beyond my experience, so please, folks, contribute!

Someone will take care of selecting places/communities we would see. I sent several cold emails in English - without any effect. And I am not surprised at all. We need somebody who can make a call and send emails in Greek, getting us through the people we should contact.

  • We need logistics.

After we get to the consensus, how the teams are going to operate, we shall surely need cars, AV equipment, mobile phones/broadband modems and all that stuff. Lists, budgets, planning, calendars - this is the work for team leaders and the mission control.

  • We need execution.

Three brave teams will deploy, explore and bring their results back to the base. This is the most exciting part, while it is not the end of the story...

  • We need post-production.

Not only the documentary, which supposedly will be a hit, but all materials from the mission will have to be arranged, edited and prepared for publication. A lot of work and still the major part of the whole team will be needed.

  • We need follow-ups.

Whatever comes out of the project, apart from planned output, will be followed up - new ideas, contacts, leads and so on.