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Overview compiled by Josef-Davies Coates on his blog at


Online decision making tools and projects:

An editable weighted decision matrix with templates set up for several decision making scenarios. Chat facility for group discussion.

A very simple site that helps groups to make decisions online. It enables the creation of “issues” (e.g. how should we spend this £1000?) and “options” (e.g. i) go on holiday ii) put it in a saving account iii) other). Users can then vote on how good they think each option is and/ or create a new option.

VoSnap allows you to rapidly solicit the opinion of your social or business networks. Working seamlessly with SMS and email their system allows you to solicit a vote in a snap.

Smartocracy is an experiment in "augmented democracy", a meritocratic social network for collective decision-making. Each participant gets 10 votes to give away, and gets to exercise those votes given to them.

Smartocracy is a dead-simple social network, where a link from User A to User B is effectively a "proxy assignment" of one vote. In giving User B a proxy, User A is designating them as someone they trust to make good decisions.

The idea is to combine the best of direct and representative democracy and creates a true meritocracy where merit is decided at the individual level, but aggregated for collective use. See also, Liquid Democracy links under Further Reading

The “Democracy Experiment”, DemoEx is Direct Democracy Political Party in Sweden that enables members to propose and vote on policies. Your Party was a similar effort in the UK back in 2004 (although the law here means members cannot dictate how their councillor or MP, if elected, votes - and the site is now down). Mikael Nordfors (author of Democracy 2.1, see Further Reading below) was involved with this project but they eventually adopted a non-delegative voting system.

Decisions is a replacement for poll.module and provides advanced voting systems and decision-making tools. It aims to enable groups to take decisions online in a manner that replicates and augments what is possible in face-to-face meeting.

However, the advpoll has seen much more development over the last year and is currently recommended over this module.

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