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Getting Started

Take a look at some of the entries in the "Bios" category: Category:Bios, to get some idea of what the normal practice is on this wiki.

Points to note

  • As a page name, please use "FirstName LastName" to fit in with all the other entries.
  • At the beginning of the page, put a "tagline" indicating the significance of this person in the context of P2P.
  • If the person has bio pages elsewhere, put in a line (or more) starting with "URL =" or "URLs =" with links to those other sites.
  • Then use the subheading "Bio" for the biographical note.
  • Continue with optional extra subheadings.
  • Finish with the subheading "More Information", perhaps listing other pages on this wiki that have the person's name in the title, or other pages with a strong and particular connection with the person.
  • Put
    at the end of the page, with any other categories representing fields that the person is a significant contributor to.

Here's a simple template:

Jo Bloggs

= writer on P2P topics; contributor to this wiki



Jo is a native of somewhere in Europe, was brought up in Asia and now lives in Africa. After an academic career in the field of the sociology of telecommunications, Jo's attention turned to the question of how to enable P2P communities.

More Information