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= "Roland" MIDI synthesizer project

URL = http://www.ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x/index.html


"The x0xb0x is not just another MIDI-controlled TB-303 clone. x0xb0x is a full reproduction of the original Roland synthesizer, with fully functional sequencer. The sequencer can be programmed just like the original 303 (ok its actually a little easier, we think) and can be used to control other synthesizers via any of its various output formats. 128 banks of track memory and 64 banks of pattern memory are stored in onboard EEPROM, no battery-backup is needed!

The x0xb0x will never become 'discontinued,' because it will be fully documented and released into the public domain (under an appropriate open-source license). The PCB files (schematic, board, BOM and gerbers), firmware, software and panel DXFs will be available for download. Even after we sell all the kits, you will still be able to build your own x0xb0x." (http://www.ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x/index.html)

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