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= Project that makes use of digital tools and networks to foster social and political relationships in the physical world on themes and daily life regarding public spaces such as squares. The first initiative in Rio de Janeiro city is taking place at the São Salvador square, on Laranjeiras neighborhood.

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The #Wikipraça project (Wikisquare) aims to connect people that frequent the square among themselves and to the square itself. The new processes of networks - not hierarchical, participatory - can enrich the very life of the whole surrounding area. The project uses the digital environment to foster relationships in the physical world. The Wikipraça will have an important axis of collaborative documentation: videos, photos, audios, reports... Also a part of colaborative transformation: What kink of square people want, what is missing and so on. Among the infrastructure plans, is to get the WI-FI throughout the square to create some kind of network hipelocal (people connected to each other) and much more.

Wikipraça is an open, participatory and collective project. Anyone can participate, contribute with ideas, share and create events. Wikipraça has no leaders. Wikipraça is a platform, a tool box. Wikipraça is a self-governing process. Any square can use the platforms and tools and take the momentum elsewhere. The first initiative in the city of Rio de Janeiro is being carried out in the San Salvador square, in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras.

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