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WeBXL is an initiative for citizen-driven politics in Brussels, Belgium.

This document defines the values WeBXL will adhere to in every aspect of its activities. The list of values set the minimum conditions for any political proposal from WeBXL. Values should thus be minimum standards to be met and aspirations to work towards. For example: Universal Human Rights have to be met by each proposal and the value "equality" has to be increased by each proposal (or at least not reduced.)

This document is recording a work in progress that needs broad based deliberation.

Universal Human Rights

WeBXL will defend and uphold the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all areas of our society, politics and institutions.

Values from WeBXL Founding Meeting

The values were suggested at the Founding Meeting of WeBXL but need confirmation by a broad constituency. Each value also needs a short description that can be used to judge its meaning and measure its progress.

  • Human System
  • Inclusion
  • Openness
  • Trust
  • Reach Out
  • Fairness
  • Bottom-Up
  • Respect