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Mr. Rao is the founder of the Vagdevi Educational Trust, an educational institution in Mangalore (India) with a second registered office in Germany (Saarbruecken). The organisation focusses on educational processes (higher education) in rural regions in India under the auspices of sustainable development. The goal is defined as knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange on a grass-roots level as a base of development processes. Besides the humanities and Indian oral tradition, the institute researches traditional knowledge in rural India, particularly focussing on skills and knowings connected to the natural environment. The Vagdevi Educational Trust is based on a general approach of renewing the Humboldtean educational model as an instrument for development, which was developed by Mr. Rao in 1999. In cooperation with Julio Lambing and Sebastian Gallehr this approach was extended to the e5-project "Nodes of Innovation" - a model for „Green Skill Revolutions“ in developing countries.