VTC Cab in Paris

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= alternative to Uber in Paris

URL = http://www.vtccab.org/


"After Uber cut fares across Paris, some of its drivers created a competing service, VTC Cab. Modeled after Uber, the ride-sharing platform aims to give drivers more control over their business and provide passengers an opportunity to support a French company.

As the app’s founder, Mohammed Radi, told the Verge, "We want to re-establish and regain our rights over Uber. Uber is not representative of our community... They are a technology company which has no connection with the world of transportation. So they treat human beings like a number — you know, like a figure on a computer. And being a number, as a driver, it's a very bad feeling." (http://www.sustainablecitiescollective.com/shareable/1194348/11-platform-cooperatives-creating-real-sharing-economy)