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Librarian Documentalist(UFF), I worked at UFF about 5 years in Post Graduation Library of Mathematics and Geochemistry. I have my Masters in Information Science (IBICT-UFF) and I have been working at UNIRIO since 2009 as a Professor at School of Librarianship.

Beside my academic life, I have a bunch of citzenship action in my resume. I volunteer in Forum da Transparência, which gather people to discuss and check the actions of Institutions such as Câmara Municipal de Niterói, Prefeitura Municipal de Niterói, Conselhos Municipais de Urbanismo, de Saúde, de Cultura, de Segurança etc. I also administrate 4 groups in Facebook: Niterói quer ter Prefeito - a political group initially founded to discuss elections, but now with 3600 people, it is used to discuss public polices; Movimento Cinema Icaraí já!!! - a group with 4000 people that fight for the revitalization and preservation of a tradicional streat cinema in Niterói, last of the Art-Deco style, from the 40's which is now bought by UFF and will be revitalized; OlhaObra - a little group with 5 people who is interested in publicize information to those interested in fight real state speculation - we are in final tests for this last one.