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"Trent Schroyer is an Emeritus Professor of Sociology-Philosophy from Ramapo College in N.J. He received his PhD (1968) and taught at the Graduate Faculty of the New School in New York City in the 1970's.

He was Program Coordinator and Chair of the Other Economic Summit (TOES/US) for the counter G-8 Summits in the United States (1990, 1997 & 2004) and traveled widely to document related alternative economics projects. Attending the Earth Summit in 1992, and as an NGO representative to the Commission for Sustainable Development at the United Nations, he was a critic of corporate sustainable development. As Co-Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at Ramapo College he promoted local sustainability projects.

Lecturing at over 100 colleges, universities and professional associations in the United States, Canada, Brazil , Japan, Germany. and India, he also published over 50 essays in books and articles in sociology, anthropology and philosophy journals . (

As a member of the International Network for Cultural Alternatives to Development he helped facilitate gatherings of regional indigenous leaders. At the South Asia Bangalore meeting in 2000 he was invited by Siddhartha, from Fireflies Inter Cultural Center (, to bring activists, scholars and students to India to encounter grassroots actions and models for alternative development in India. This continued for 9 years and is now a study abroad program; it included bringing activists and students to the World Social Forum, in 2004 in Mumbai India.

He is presently living in Greece and working on a book on 'Transformative Learning ' that examines commons models from around the world."


His books include:

- 'Beyond Western Economism: Remembering Other Economic Cultures', ( Routledge Press, 2009);

-'Creating a Sustainable World: Past Experiences and Future Struggles' , (Apex Press, co-edited in 2006)

-'A World that Works: Building Blocks for a Just and Sustainable Society' , (The Bootstrap Press , edited in 1997);

- 'The Critique of Domination; The Origins and Development of Critical Theory' , nominated for a National Book Award in 1973, (Beacon Press)

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