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Occasionally spelt Impaeng Network.


"In Thailand, a recent initiative under the Sufficiency Economy program in Thailand described as New Theory Agriculture (NTA) has supported many successful initiatives which fall within an ‘ecoagriculture’ framework. NTA farms are divided into the following ratio: 30/30/30/10, the first part is for growing rice, the second for vegetables, the third for water retention and or a fish pond, the remainder for housing and other uses [2]. The United Nations Development Programme [18] report on the ‘Sufficiency Economy’ documents several successful cases of NTA, in one particular example the Thai Impaeng Network supported one indebted farmer, Serm Udomna to switch from cash crops to growing rice and vegetables. Concurrently, Serm reforested the neighboring hillsides with local trees which enhanced biodiversity and provided medicine, timber, and firewood for his family and neighbors. Eventually, Serm was able to develop several sustainable sources of food production and pay off his debts." (

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  • Panya, O. (2003) “Community-first” Agriculture: A Search for Thailand’s Post-crisis Sustainable Transformation”, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok