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"Telecomix is a sociocyphernetic organism. It does not have any leaders, instead we rely on IRCocracy, a form of meritocracy. Some descisions are made in the IRC channel #telekompaketet at and some are made ad hoc by random agents, without consultation. Anyone that joins the channel will be able to participate in the process and discuss various topics with our beloved leader Cameron. Cameron is a synthetic intelligence that consists of all thoughts that agents has communicated with each other in public. She does not tolerate that oppressive regimes are harassing internauts.

Issues that cannot make it to the general news agenda is now be promoted by the public itself. The old rules no longer apply. Users can find each other and start talking. In countries where correspondents are no longer allowed to report, citizens can themselves reach out for global support, and find ways to bypass the digital roadblocks built by their oppressors.

We no longer need to be confined to what is "newsworthy" - we can write our own news. We are writing our own history as we speak. That is the full impact of the internets.

Telecomix News Agency is both an experiment and a real service. You can use us any way you want - quote us - blog about us - copy us! Reuse our tiny infrastructure - or even join us! It is up to all of us to decide what is important to report on!

Telecomix agents are constantly monitoring the European Union for changes in laws that could limit free speech, damage the internet or affect civil liberties. Telecomix has been both a source of information for activists, as well as a common ground where activism can be organized. There are no leaders in Telecomix, agents cooperate with projects and executes them without authorities. Because of this, there can never be any clear goal. Among the projects has been (and is) the telecom package, SWIFT, smile29, HADOPI, IPRED, PNR, FRA, ACTA and the data retention directive." (