Technology Justice

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Simon Trace:

"We will need, again as Schumacher suggested, to re-think our very relationship with technology. The choices we make in our development and use of technology play a huge role both in shaping our society today and in determining whether mankind has a sustainable future. Our governance of technology is therefore a critical issue requiring much thought. It is Practical Action’s belief that to ensure equity for current and future generations our governance of technology will have to be founded on a principle of Technology Justice. This principle would combine a right - that all people should be able to choose and use technologies that assist them in leading the kind of life they value - with a corresponding responsibility – that this right could be enjoyed only so long as that choice does not compromise the ability of others and future generations to do the same. Our challenge locally and globally is to find a way to govern the development and use of technology so that it better meets the principle of Technology Justice in the future." (