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Michel, I recall a while back that you said you had some one on hand who would do the layout for this. Is this still the case? (If not, we will have to make some time in our timeline/schedule to plan and execute a layout.)

REPLY: Let me find out who that was ...

Discussing details


I am going to try and keep discussing details here, instead of on the article page, so that way I won't clutter up our emerging outline. At least for genral questions that veer away from what we have in the outline.

Should we include: Prediction markets?

--yes, under business (mb)

Grid Computing, P2P super computing (eg seti @ home) etc?

--yes, under technology (mb)

Michel, right now, with the outline we havem I don't see spaces for "technology", "science" or "business". Are these sections that we have yet to make?

REMARKS: Chapter 1: Paradigm One: Everything shall be Open and Free

-Remark 1

I would limit this to the generic open meanings, and put the applicatons in their subject chapters.

Open Money, in business

Open Courseware Open Education, Open Educational Resources Open Textbooks in Education

Open Biology in science

Open Politics, Open Source Disaster Recovery in politics and policy

-Remark 2

Every chapter starts with an intro and the general points, explaining the inter-relatedness of the concepts that will be explained in the ABC encyclopdia

Sam: So, we are going to have these three parts and their chapters, and then also an ABC Encyclopedia in this book, is that correct?

I suggest your open innovation theme would go in the entry as well

Sam: Understood. I'll go through the wiki and pull together the material that we have to and use it to make a good overall definition of the concept of "open".