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By Paul Hartzog:

"Some p2p advocates argue that the global public awareness of p2p alternatives is not growing fast enough. Regardless of your position on that claim, there is a lot more that can be done to enhance the effectiveness of p2p outreach. This page exists to help define some positive future strategies.


A key problem in current P2P outreach is the failure to distinguish between the distinct needs of these two audiences.

  • people who are already familiar with the idea
  • total newcomers


Needs For All "Commoners"

  • a (reasonably) comprehensive global map of P2P projects worldwide, available publicly online

Needs For New "Commoners"

  • a better way of filtering the volume of p2p examples that are newly created
  • more videos explaining the basics
  • helping individuals find other individuals to talk over P2P ideas, relating these to their lives
    • these individuals may be outreach people
    • or they may be peers with intersecting interests

Needs For Existing "Commoners"

  • a better way of filtering the volume of p2p examples that exist
  • developing and promoting an inclusive culture (while not being over permissive) where people appreciate each other

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