Stichting Gerrit Kreveld

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Foundation focused on study and reflection of initiatives that support the social democratic ideology.



Stichting Gerrit Kreveld is a center for study, reflection and stimulated thinking about the possibilities and limits of social democracy in the current social context. The purpose of the Foundation is to support the study and promotion of a social democratic thought, work and actions in their social, cultural and political dimensions. Stichting Gerrit Kreveld wishes to explore a number of themes though a series of organized seminars (open and internal) and debate evenings. One of the first themes to be explored is Migration. Given the current political and social situation, the migration theme was chosen as it is one of the most topical global issues. For the Western world and Western Europe in particular, migration is a huge challenge and social democracy does not always have an obvious answer to this problem.

The foundation also produces a dutch-language Magazine called SAMPOL, which stands for "Samenleving and Politiek" - which translates to Society and Politics.