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= Sustainable Technologies Acceleration Network for Development Assistance and Rapid Relief Deployment


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"STANDARRD is a network of mutually supportive sustainable/appropriate technology activists. It’s open to anybody and we’re inviting you to join.

STANDARRD provides a space for us to learn from each other, discover our respective projects and how they help transform the world, and dialog about how to be more effective agents of change." (


"It was originally proposed as an alternative name for the “Expedient Infrastructure for Transitory Populations” project, which is currently going forwards under the name “TIDES” (Transient Infrastructures for Disaster and Emergency Support.) TIDES is a fairly heavyweight group with a lot of involvement from National Defense University, the American Red Cross, and various other .gov and .mil groups. They’re really working hard on demonstrating and learning about a whole new generation of appropriate technologies.

STANDARRD has a broader vision that TIDES. STANDARRD is about the whole picture - poverty, environment, infrastructure, information technology, health and medicine - everything. That’s because it is not about systems or technologies, but about people and processes." (