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Stacco Troncoso (Spain) is the strategic direction steward of the P2P Foundation as well as the project lead for Commons Transition, the P2PF’s main communication and advocacy hub. Commons Transition produces accessible information to effectively spread commons-based and -oriented ideas and experiences for civil society actors and policy makers. He is also co-founder of the P2P translation collective Guerrilla Translation. A professional translator since 1998, Stacco grew up in London, England and returned to Madrid, Spain to study Fine Arts in 1992. Since 2011, he has been involved in the 15-M and Occupy movements, out of which Guerrilla Translation was conceived to facilitate sharing information across cultures and languages. He is also designer/content editor for and the new Commons Strategies Group website. His work in communicating commons culture extends to public speaking and relationship-building with prefigurative communities, policymakers and potential commoners worldwide.


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