Signatories of Barcelona Charter on Free Culture

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  • John Howkins

Chairman of BOP Consultants and has advised global corporations, international organisations, governments, and individuals. He is a Member of the United Nations UNDP Advisory Committee on the Creative Economy.

  • P2P Foundation

Clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/P2P and commons-oriented initiatives. It aims to be a pluralist network to document, research, and promote peer to peer alternatives.

Michel Bauwens, Active writer, researcher and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation. He has been an analyst for the United States Information Agency, knowledge manager for British Petroleum, eBusiness Strategy Manager for Belgacom.

  • Consumers International

the world federation of consumer groups that serves as the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers.;

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The first line of defense when our freedoms in the networked world come under attack. EFF continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today.

  • David Bollier

Bollier is an independent policy strategist, journalist and activist who focuses on the politics, economics and culture of the commons. He regularly writes about digital technologies and the fight against the abuses of intellectual property legislation, and how they are transforming democratic culture.

  • Knowledge Ecology International / James Love

KEI is an organization that searches for better outcomes, including new solutions, to the management of knowledge resources.

James Love: Director of KEI.U.S. co-chair of the TACD Working Group on Intellectual Property, chair of Essential Inventions, and a member of the UNITAID Expert Group on Patent Pools. He advises UN agencies, national governments, international and regional intergovernmental organizations and public health NGOs,

  • Hilary Wainwright

Research Director of the New Politics Programme at the Transnational Institute and editor of Red Pepper. She has written for The Guardian, The Nation, New Statesman, Open Democracy, Carta, Il Manifesto and El Viejo Topo, as well as appearing as a commentator on BBC1, BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

  • eXgae

The first legal consultancy service specialising in freeing all citizens and artists from the abuses of royalties management associations (such as SGAE in Spain) and other trade groups in the cultural industry.

  • Networked Politics

Inquiry into decentralized and horizontal forms of organization from the perspective of new ways of organizing for social change.

Mayo Fuster Morell, Promotor of Networked Politics Collaborative research and developes techno-political tools at the frame of the Communication Commission of the World Social Forum and European Social Forum (

  • Free Knowledge Institute (FKI)

Is a non-profit organisation that fosters the free exchange of knowledge in all areas of society. The FKI promotes freedom of use, modification, copying and distribution of knowledge in four different fields: education, technology, culture y science

  • La Quadrature du Net

French organization fighting for free culture in Europe. They have leaded the European Campaign against the Telecoms Package and have also defended the necessity of a judge rule to disconnect users for file sharing and copyright infringements.

  • Amelia Andersdotter eurodeputy from Pirat Partiet

The Pirate Party wants to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens’ rights to privacy are respected. Amelia Andersdotter is a member of Piratpartiet.

  • European Digital Rights (EDRI)

Currently 29 privacy and civil rights organisations have EDRI membership. They have joined forces to defend civil rights in the information society.

  • Creative Commons España/ Ignasi Labastida

Organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.

Ignasi Labastida has a doctorate in Physics from the University of Barcelona, where he also works. Since 2003 he has led the Creative Commons Project in Catalonia and Spain.

  • Scambioetico

Was born with the aim to legalize p2p of copyrighted contents through global licenses. During the years, some secondary objectives has been added, such as to reach an “armistice” on the war against p2p.

  • Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education/Nagarjuna G.

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is a National Centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

  • Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) / Alberto Barrionuevo

Organisation dedicated to establishing a free market in information technology, through the removal of barriers to competition. The FFII was largely responsible for the rejection of the EU software patent directive , working closely with the European Parliament and many partners from industry and civil society.

Alberto Barrionuevo: In the lead-up to the European guidelines on software patents, he coordinated the University Mobilisation against Software Patents and also took the voice of thousands of Spanish groups and individuals against the patentability of software to the European Parliament.

  • Dyne

Effort lead by a grassroot committee of hackers dedicated to the development of free and open source software for the freedom of expression.

  • Global Lives Project /David Evan Harris

Executive Director of the Global Lives Project and Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Future. He holds a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of São Paulo and a B.A. He held an internship at the White House Council on Environmental Quality .;

  • Joan Subirats

Has a PhD in Economics. He is a Professor of Political Science and Director of IGOP at the UAB. He is an specialist in public policy and public management, and also in political participation.

  • Fundación Karisma

Aims to offer a space to defend the idea of access to and dissemination of knowledge.

  • Carlos Sanchez Almeida

Has been a member of FrEE (Electronic Frontiers), an organization that works towards the defense of civil Rights on the Internet.;

  • Students for Free Culture

Formerly known as, is an international student organization working to promote free culture ideals, such as cultural participation and access to information.

  • FLOSS Manuals

Is a collection of manuals that explain how to install and use a range of free and open source software.

  • Communia

Funded by the European Commission within the eContentplus framework, expects to provide policy guidelines that will help all the stakeholders involved - public and private, from the local to the European and global level.

  • Asociación de Internautas / Javier Cuchi

Fight against the rising cost of telephone use. It has extended its domain to include the defense of free culture and the rights of internet users .

  • David Maeztu

David Maeztu is a Law Graduate. He writes one of Spain’s most widely read blogs on Copyright, Culture and the Law.

  • Josep Jover

Graduated in Law, hee has lectured in numerous courses and Masters programs organised by the University, Barcelona County Council and the Barcelona Bar Association, among others.

  • Patricia Vila

Specialized in the law fields of intellectual property, internet and information technologies. She is thus familiar with the legal complexity concerning the protection of authors, artists and their creations and works.

  • Javier Candeira

Javier Candeira (León, Spain, 1996) is a cultural researcher, journalist and educator in the intersection of technology, politics and art. He is a co-founder and editor of Barrapunto.

  • IT-Political Association

Critical of the spillover from the controversies between the traditional content industry and people who engage in illegal copying into the rest of the IT area. The purpose of the IT-Political Association of Denmark is to advocating free access to information and processing of information.

  • The Open Standards Alliance

Broad coalition of industry, public service, government, research organizations and private individuals focused on establishing fair and open markets predominantly in the hungarian governmental and public service sectors.

  • ScriptumLibre

Creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society. ScriptumLibre fulfills both a protecting and promoting role.;

  • David Hammerstein

As Member of the European Parliament he was a full member of the powerful Committee of Industry, Energy and Research, as well on the Foreign Affairs and Petitions Committees.

  • Franziska Heine

She initiated the most successful epetition in Germany. More than 134.000 times signed was it aimed to prevent a law which gives the German police organization the right to create and maintain censorship lists with websites which have to be blocked by German ISPs.

  • Joost Smiers

A leading expert on decision-making in cultural matters and new approaches to cultural and intellectual property. Professor Emeritus at the Utrecht School of the Arts. He is a member of the AHRB Research Network on New Directions in Copyright Law, University of London. He was a member of the board of trustees of ERICArts, the European Research Institute for Comparative Cultural Affairs and the Arts, and an expert for the Council of Europe in Moldova.

  • Dmytri Kleiner

Dmytri Kleiner is a co-founder of Telekommunisten. Telekommunisten promote the ideal of worker’s control of production as a means of class struggle.

  • Safe Creative

Safe Creative is a platform for the protection and self-management of Intellectual Property rights.

  • Traficantes de Sueños

Space in which to meet and discuss the different realities of social movements. They set up an associative bookshop and a publishing house that cooperates with alternative distribution networks.

  • Platoniq

Cultural producers, radio-makers and software developers who use their computer-technical knowledge and social interests to set up a number of independent community media projects. Their main goal is to bring the Internet to the streets.

  • Yproductions

Yproductions is a cultural production company that operates from Barcelona They have developed projects and worked on cultural production, management, research and education since 2003.

  • Anne Ostergaard

Holds a Law Degree from The University of Copenhagen. After a decade in government service, international organizations, and private enterprise she is presently an Libre Software entrepreneur. Anne is member of the GNOME Foundation.

  • Kim Tucker

Is a researcher, writer, facilitator and catalyst interested in the global impact of technology and connected collaborative learning, and knowledge transfer across disciplines and divides.


Is a free publishing house that has been in the loop of scientific content creation and dissemination . Alqua wants to liberate existing academic knowledge in book form, and offers a program to donate free books to public libraries.

  • Epidemia / Pablo Ortellado

  • La Casa Invisible

Is a Self-Managed Social and Cultural Centre based in Malaga. Its goals are to promote grassroots self-organisation, as well as critical thought and collective creation.

  • Universidad Nómada

Since 2000, Universidad Nómada constitutes an anticapitalist, antiracist, decolonial and feminist laboratory for organising production and theoretical and intellectual transmission.

  • Margarita Padilla

Margarita Padalla is An IT engineer and former director of the magazine Mundo Linux. Together with other hackers she founded

  • Guifi

Telecommunication network, an open, free, neutral network organised through a peer agreement in which each participant provides a section that connects with the other participants so that everyone has connectivity.

  • Isaac Hacksimov

I am a collective identity, the assembly of bodies and machines of the hacktivist lab HamLab, a narration with many voices and a single name. I am Isaac Hacksimov.

  • Felix Stalder

Teaches media economy at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich (New Media Department) and works as an independent researcher/organizer with groups such as the Institute for New Cultural Technologies (t0) in Vienna and the research unit of Openflows in New York.

  • Jamie King

Director of STEAL THIS FILM I and II, documentaries about the future of intellectual property that have been downloaded millions of times.

  • Vittorio Bertola

Engineer, deals with the Internet in all its aspects, including technical, business, social and political matters, as an entrepreneur, writer, activist and software developer. He was a member of the United Nations’ Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), and of the Internet Governance Consulting Committee of the Italian government.

  • Marco Berlinguer

In the last years he contributed to the foundation of Transform! Italia and of different European and International networks as: Transform! Europe; Euromovements; Eurotopia; The Network for the Charter for Another Europe, Newtorked Politics, Labor and Globalization.

  • Exit

Exit has two main projects: on one hand the social rigths office, on the other hand the autoformation project.

  • ASACC / Carmen Zapata

Has the objective of acknowledging the necessity of protecting, promoting and spreading Concert Venues. In 2007, ASACC encouraged a vindicating campaign in favour of live music and in defence of their spaces. Spanish Network of Music Schools / Lluis Cabrera

  • REEM was born as an association of Spanish private music schools and its main aims are to defend the interests of its members and to make their voice be heard.