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"Christian Siefkes is a software engineer who lives in Berlin, Germany. His main research interest is the emancipatory potential of free software, open hardware, and other forms of commons-based peer production. He blogs at; publications include "From Exchange to Contributions" (Berlin 2007), "The Emergence of Benefit-driven Production" (Proc. OKCon 2011), "The Boom of Commons-Based Peer Production" (in "The Wealth of the Commons", 2012).


"Dr. Christian Siefkes is a freelance software engineer and author; he lives in Berlin, Germany. His main research interest is exploring the practices and the potential of commons-based peer production, the participatory and commons-oriented way of production that brings us free software, open content projects such as the Wikipedia, and an increasing number of open hardware projects such as RepRap. Co-founder of the bilingual Keimform-Blog ("


Publications include:

  • The Boom of Commons-Based Peer Production (2012, in

The Wealth of the Commons, [1]),

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