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= sharing/post-growth activist from Adelaide, Australia



"Sharon is a sustainability ideas transmitter, writer and activist from Adelaide, South Australia. She is the ‘ideator’ of ShareNSave, an initiative of the South Australian government which maps community sharing assets. In 2012, she set up Share Adelaide (originally Shareability SA), the first presence in Adelaide and SA about the sharing and collaborative movement.

In 2010, she co-founded the Post Growth Institute to help spark a movement for ‘the end of bigger, the start of better’. Post Growth initiatives include Free Money Day, a global stunt designed to spark conversations about sharing; the EnRich List, a cheeky take on the Forbes Rich List, which instead celebrates those whose life and work contributes to enriching futures for all; and How On Earth, a book about how not for profit enterprise will become the primary business model by 2050.

Sharon writes, collects, and shares stories on communication and change for sustainability at Cruxcatalyst (crux = the heart, catalyst = change).

Sharon also established and supported the building of the immensely successful Lost Dogs of Adelaide Facebook page, which is now an effective, citizen-powered service for reuniting lost pets and owners, and a shining example of how peer-to-peer communities can work.

During her university days, she spent five years working as a full time volunteer with Urban Ecology Australia, a nonprofit community group that promotes the development of ecological cities through education and example, which initiated Adelaide’s ‘piece of ecocity’, the internationally award-winning Christie Walk.

Sharon has been a speaker, guest lecturer, activist, and worked at the coalface of community development and organisational change for sustainability since 1993. She cultivates extensive local, national and international networks and loves playing connect the dots with a wide range of people working on environmental and social issues." (