Shared Planetary-Scale Database for a Data Marketplace

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= "IPDB running BigchainDB. A shared planetary-scale database".



Trent McConaghy:

"a data marketplace: A medium to connect data-haves with data-have-nots. It spreads out data-AI network effects, in turn spreading power and wealth. But the technology is not easy. It needs to store who owns what data, with tight user control & privacy. It needs to reconcile with governments and regulators on privacy and data sharing. It needs to be decentralized. It needs to be at scale, not just some shiny toy technology. Decentralized tech at scale is hard. However, that’s exactly what we’ve been working on since 2015: IPDB running BigchainDB. A shared planetary-scale database.

This data marketplace needed to get built. We realized that we had a unique position to make a difference. First, we had the scalable blockchain database technology. Second, we had both AI and blockchain expertise, key for designing data marketplace algorithms. Third, we knew the customers’ worlds, both data suppliers (enterprises) and data buyers (AI companies). Finally, we’d built relationships with governments and data regulators.

Something else happened as we went down this path. Others read my articles, reached the same conclusion as us (data marketplace), and reached out. Two main projects emerged, backed by excellent people: with Chris Ballinger at Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and Chirdeep Chhabra at DEX (Data Exchange SG). We’ve worked with both of them since early this year." (

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