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= cities that are actively implementing sharing initiatives, policies and infrastructures


Via April Rinne:

Questions to be addressed

Listing questions some of you already expressed they would like to see answered:

· Which cities can be considered shareable cities? · Which cities are starting to discuss the topic or already working on it? · What already exists in Berlin/other cities? Mapping · What are the showcase examples of shareable cities? · What else could be done to go further, do better? · Who is working on shareable cities? · Why cities should be shareable? · Why do people (should) want to live in shareable / collaborative cities? · What are the positive effects governments (should) want to support? · What are policy tools to support shareable cities? (Types, efficiency, …) · What differentiates shareable cities from city concepts like creative cities, sustainable cities, smart cities?


According to April Rinne of the Collaborative Lab:

  1. San Francisco,
  2. Seoul,
  3. Las Vegas,
  4. Bordeaux,
  5. Paris,
  6. Brest,
  7. Barcelona,
  8. Madrid,
  9. Naples

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