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= based in London, it offers workshops, seminars and courses and has a thriving online presence to connect sharing advocates and facilitators.



Cat Johnson:

"The School of Commoning is a worldwide community of people participating in the local and global commons. It offers workshops, seminars and courses and has a thriving online presence to connect sharing advocates and facilitators.

“School of Commoning works to enhance individual and collective competences in the creation, protection, and governance of commons,” says George Por, co-founder of the school. “Commons are what we share in common not through ownership for private gain but through stewardship of resources needed for a good life. As we move towards a commons-based society,” he continues, “we see more and more examples of trust, reciprocity and relationships replacing the commodification of goods and services.”

He emphasizes that community-building is an essential element to creating a commons-based world.

“Building communities around sharing is a key building block of the world we want to live in,” he says. “It is the practical way to get there. Without such learning communities that don’t just talk about ideas but act as laboratories of learning and using new tools, we would just recreate the old structures that got us the mess in the first place.” (


Essential Information

Founded: 9th May 2011

Location: London, United Kingdom

Motto: Education for Commons Culture & Social Renewal

We are a commons education group based in London, established as a Community Interest Company under UK law.

What is the Commons

“The social and political space where things get done and where people have a sense of belonging and have an element of control over their lives, providing sustenance, security and independence... Commons are organized around resources that are collectively owned or shared ...See more Mission The purpose of the School of Commoning, as a Community Interest Company, is to carry on activities that benefit society, namely, to enhance individual and collective competences in the protection, governance, and cultivation of commons.

We help people, organisations, and social systems become more competent and co-intelligent in improving the quality of life for all, by developing better practices for strengthening and governing the Commons as an autonomous partner to the private and public sectors.

We do that by developing and delivering educational, media, networking, and "serious game" projects that promote the Commons, and inspire others to do the same.


1. Commoning

Our originating principle, by which all others are infused, is commoning. The verb “commoning” has three aspects:

a. The ensemble of practices used by people in the course of managing shared resources and reclaiming the commons

b. Moving from from the I to the We, where individuals become capable to think, feel, and act as Commons

c. Recognizing the inherent connectedness of humanity as a whole and having our individual and collective “centre of gravity” in a beyond-ego state

The School caters to the needs of all, no matter which aspect of commoning they feel attracted to become skilled about. We work with our members, associates, clients, and other stakeholders in full commitment to their realizing their highest potential.

The following principles are inspired by the first:

2. We organise ourselves in ways that foster relationships, participation, creativity, learning and development.

3. We welcome and appreciate creative friction coming from the beyond-ego expression of our diverse talents, experiences, and learning paths.

4. We continually enhance the collective intelligence of the Company and its ecosystem, and seek collective wisdom to guide it.

5. We foster collaboration and co-evolution with all commons, movements of transition to a sustainable world, and other potential allies.

Honoring those principles, we contribute to human and social evolution towards greater complexity, connectivity, and integration at higher levels of harmony and well-being.


Series of Meetings with Remarkable Commoners

The following products are under development:

  1. The Commoning Game
  2. Introduction to Commons Building and Governance (workshop)
  3. Towards a Commons of Well-being and Health Commons (workshop)
  4. Creating Educational Commons (workshop)
  5. The Political Economy of Commons (workshop)

More Information

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