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"Samarita, founded in 1997, is the first German solidarity-based community. It also operates in the health care sector, but compared to Solidago and Artabana it has adopted a different course. Samarita also has a decentralized group structure, but the administration tasks and the control over all financial funds are performed by the professionals in the headquarter in Bremen. The local groups primarily aim at the development of the social network of Samarita, at knowledge transfer and dealing with fundamental issues.


The premium depends on the member’s gross income and on the number of teammates. Half of the premium goes towards the individual account of the member; the other half goes into the group’s solidarity fund. In case of disease, the concerned member can first cover the costs using the individual account, though this is regulated by a formalized set of rules. If the individual account runs out of money, the member can request support from the solidarity fund. The executive board of Samarita decides then on the reimbursement. The formalized rules are to be respected, but in some cases the board can deviate from the rules in favor of the concerned member. For the cases of large losses, Samarita is backed by an umbrella organization, BASSG." (

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