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= The Rede Ecológica is a social movement that seeks to forment ethical, solidary and ecological consume.


The Rede Ecologica (Ecological Network) is an organization that aims to promote ethical, solidary and ecological consumption. It consists of groups of consumers that perform collective purchases, interacting directly with producers. Born in October 2001, the Network currently has nuclei in several neighborhoods of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

One of the main activities of the Ecological Network is the collective purchases that enable the supply of organic products at affordable prices while supporting green initiatives and solidary of producers.

The Ecological Network also has developed recycling activities, agro tourism, agriculture and urban campaigns.

Participation in the Ecological Network is open to anyone who identifies with its principles. By registering on Ecological Network, the person starts receiving a weekly chart with the products of the collective purchases and information about the activities, campaigns, petitions, consumer tips, services and products offers and so on.

There is requirement of membership with a certain monthly contribution that defines who is and who is not a member. Members also take responsibility to cooperate with some monthly activities, such as organizing the fair or reception of products. On may join for a while in the beginning without obligation of the monthly fee (only paying after the receiving of the product).

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