Radical Social Entrepreneurs

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"Social entrepreneurs apply entrepreneurial initiative to solve social problems. Radical social entrepreneurs do the same — but at a deeper level.

They create ideas and projects to help evolve law, governance, community, education, and culture. They focus on changing the systems that lead to poverty, crime, and other social problems.

RSEs are not satisfied with the social entrepreneurship of the past. Physical technology like computers or water pumps and traditional social businesses like Grameen or Delancey Street are great, but they are not enough to solve today’s big problems. So RSEs focus on our social technology: the rules and systems that shape our lives.

RSEs imagine a world of start-up schools, new forms of governance, entrepreneurial communities, neighborhood or city-scale incubators, new legal systems to jumpstart innovation, and widespread cultural shifts toward kindness, meaning, and collaboration. This is the world of the radical social entrepreneur.

For example, a world with widespread access to good education means we need radically new models for learning. Skillshare, a new start-up ‘skill exchange,’ democratizes the tools of education and turns communities into classrooms, cafes into universities, and everyone into students of everyone else.

There’s abundant evidence that mass poverty is largely due to poor legal institutions. Bad laws keep people from starting businesses and keep new ideas from coming to life. What if instead of helping a few poor people, radical social entrepreneurs created new legal systems that brought millions, and then billions, to full-blown prosperity? The Free Cities Institute aspires to do just that.

Protecting the environment and providing social safety nets which are politically and economically resilient are major challenges. Legal and governance innovations like Endowment Zones can safeguard our natural world and help the poor.

These three projects show what can be achieved through radical social entrepreneurship." (http://www.radicalsocialentreps.org/radical-social-entrepreneur-definition/)

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