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RIPESS, "The network is an intercontinental network-of-networks, fostering learning, information sharing and collaboration at transnational, national and sectoral scales". [1]



French acronym for the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Solidarity/Social Economy.

"RIPESS grew out of a joint effort of community development leaders and academics that organized a conference on the Solidarity/Social Economy in Lima, Peru, expecting 40-50 people in 1997. Over 200 people from 21 countries showed up and RIPESS was born from this enthusiasm for North and South solidarity around a development vision. After a follow-up congress in Quebec City in 2001 with almost double the number of participants and countries represented, RIPESS established its central office in Dakar, Senegal. This will be a network worth watching. It represents a sub-grouping within the broader networks such as the World Social Forum. It will grow and likely be a unique center for those advancing an alternative vision and practice to Low Road globalization. Its leadership is designed to be diverse. The current Board includes 2 people from each continent. It has a broader consultative International Liaison Committee with 6 people from each continent. It is well led and encourages practical exchange as well as critical thinking and debate. It’s also still in its development stage. There are loose ends. There is always the challenge of translation and different languages. But that’s the way all movements begin.

Your organization should join RIPESS and plan on going to Brussels in April 2007. You should also join NANSE—the Canadian, US, and Caribbean network. Dues are just $75 a year. We publish a 4-page supplement in the Canadian Journal Making Waves. And we will be increasingly active" (

More Information

  • study on the transformative aspects: Pel, B. and Dumitru, A. (2015) Transformative social innovation narrative of RIPESS. TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no: 613169 [2]