Proceedings of Subjectivity in the Production of Audiovisual Movements of Global Struggles

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  • Research thesis by Kenia Alice at ECO-URCA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Title: Proceedings of subjectivity in the production of audiovisual movements of global struggles

First Chapter - Historiography of devices and struggles. Two genealogies -

1. May 68 / Situationism / Fights specific policies - the personal is political. Born another type of political struggle linked to other artistic expressions and subjective processes.

2. Seattle 99 - The multitude against Empire - antiglobalization struggles - emergence and intensification of virtual activism - hackers / add busters / culture jamming / flash mobs / CMIS.

Second Chapter - Struggles Global Contemporary - aim to understand their devices and their inflections and aesthetic styles - case studies -

1. Occupation of squares - Arab Spring and Occupy 15M - Organization networking and download of cyberspace / Locative Media - the livestream as style and political strategy. The self-representation as CLAIM.

2. The reappropriation of images - Chile and pop culture.

3. Anonymous - borrowed from the common media as an instrument of struggle. Symbol (mask) historically disputed: Guy Fawkes, V for Vendetta (Comic / Movie), group Anonymous.

4. Brazil - Movements - occupation Pinheirinho - Freedom Marches, Marijuana - Movement of Free Pass …

Third Chapter - Conceptual and Questions

1. What are these subjective processes constructed by these global struggles contemporary.

2. We think globally into new aesthetic forms-political struggles …

3. To what extent the concept of Negri - Common / Empire / Crowd - resists the practice of the movements ...