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= a Transportation Network Company coop in Grand Rapids, Michigan (under construction)


John McNamara:

"Matthew Bair is leading the effort. They are working for a better work environment for the drivers. In there GoFund Me Campaign he writes:

“I am a substitute teacher in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I believe in creating a new world for tomorrow’s youth. Change needs to happen everywhere. My whole higher education involved figuring out what that would look like. People’s Ride is about creating a new economy and a better future. It is about creating a different kind of job. One where people are able to use both their brain and muscle together and be wholly human.

People’s Ride is a worker co-op where those who drive also own and control the business. If a work week is 5 days, a driver picks up people and collects fares 4 days while on the 5th sit in meetings to make decisions about the company.

The co-op community here in Grand Rapids is growing. Housing, live/ work co-ops, land, food, beer, bicycling, honey bee, ride sharing co-ops are working together in solidarity to bring about an alternative.

People’s Ride has been up and running. We have been following the Cooperative Development Institute’s guide to starting cooperatives. As in the spirit of the cooperative movement, we collaborate and learn from other ride sharing cooperatives from around the nation. We have the potential to grow very fast. Right now we are focusing on putting in place a solid infrastructure.

We are raising money to pay for a car and to have a grand opening. Any amount makes a difference! Big or small, $10, $50, $100, $500, you name it. A contribution of $50 makes you a consumer member and gives you 10% off, $100 gives you 10 rides for half off, $200 gives you 20 rides, $500 gives you 50 rides. Help build the co-op community in Grand Rapids.

People who do crowdfunding say that their success is owed to how many people are reached. So please, after you make a contribution, send this to all the friends you can think of.“ (