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= Belgian initiative and media around social change

URL = website


PALA wants to explore new ways towards establishing a more social, democratic and environmentally-conscious society for everyone. To draw attention the issues that arise from globalisation and to find answers to the questions about what needs to be changed and how these changes can be achieved, PALA has several initiatives:

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PALA runs a Dutch-language website about globalisation and international cooperation. Originally started in 2001 under the name 'ikwilniet', the website includes daily news articles, opinion pieces, online video documentaries, free e-books, discussion forums and a library of relevant links. The website aims to share information and promote discussion to find new ways to improve our social and economic institutions.


Since 2003, PALA publishes a free electronic newsletter about current issues with globalisation and alternative solutions. Subscription to the newsletter is free and has already attracted over 35,000 subscribers. You can subscribe on their website:


Over the years, PALA has published several books and films. These are available in their online store on their website. Amon their publications is a Dictionary about Globalisation, which can be found here. They also run an educational web-series entitled 'De Wereld in Beeld'. These films explore our globalised world with comment from several educators and professionals. Episodes can be found on here.

Contact Information

Most information can be found on their website: Any other questions can be directed to: [email protected]