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  • For advanced users
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    • DIY - This is possible for every page. The link below gives you the changes for this page. Use the code on the next line in your page to give you a link especially for that page.
    • Atom:
    • {{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=history&feed=atom}}

Creating Category Feeds

We use GoogleNewsSitemap to create category feeds on the site. Edit this page to see examples of how they are created.


P2PCC Category RSS Feed

This feed shows the most recent 10 articles that were added to the P2PCC category in an RSS feed. It hides errors, and also includes redirected pages.

 * P2PCC RSS Feed

Code for example:

*[[Special:GoogleNewsSitemap/&category=P2PCC | P2PCC]]

Options for Category Feeds

You can use the following options to create a feed. These are not necessary though and simply posted here for reference. I fyou need to override the defaults you can do so with the following parameters. All of these should be in a single line with no spaces. Check the examples below if you have questions. Parameters in [ ] are optional, stuff in ( ) means potential choices. The extension uses (basically) the same parameters as DPL so that's a good place to look for clarification.